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All We Do Is Mow And Plow is your online lawn mowing, snow service, solution connecting you the customer with our local qualified service providers to allow convenient lawn mowing  and snow services at your finger tips. You don't have to worry about long term lawn or snow contracts with us you have the option to start and stop lawn or snow service when you need to. 

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Order your lawn service and receive your cut within 1-4 days! Same day service for snow removal.


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All We Do Is Mow And Plow Columbus OH

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All We Do Is Mow And Plow Columbus OH

Customers Lawn And Snow FAQ     


Do you offer one time service? 


Do you offer same day lawn service?

Yes  but you must place your order before 8 am Only certain areas apply 

Whats included in All We Do is Mow And Plow

Snow Removal: basic one push plow of your driveway,or snow blowing of your property ( This does not include salting)

Mowing: Weed trimming/whacking  and grass blow off hard surfaces ( Does not include Bagging) 

Do You Offer Snow Blowing or Shoveling?

Yes request a Shoveler here

Do you accept checks or Cash?

Sorry we do not. We have convenient online or by smart phone invoices 


If I'm not home can my job still be performed?

Yes and before and after pics will be sent over to you.

How is price determined?

The size of your lawn, the length of your grass, For snow the amount of  snow inches, the size of your driveway, and how long it takes to get the job done.

Is there any long term contracts?


No Long term contracts you can start and stop service when you like!

Do you accept debit, credit venmo?

Yes debit credit or venmo

What are your hours of operation? 

8am - 9pm est  Monday - Saturday But we monitor customer request off hrs as well 

What if it rains on scheduled service date? 

It will be scheduled the next day

Do your providers  service 7 days a week? 


Do you offer weekly /bi weekly mowing  service? 


Do you offer once a month lawn mowing? 


Do I have to pay before service?

Yes this guarantees your job being placed on our providers routes. But payment is not released to provider unless your satisfied with your service.  

Do you offer a guarantee  of service?

Yes Click here for info 

How soon after payment will I receive service?

For lawn once payment is made you will receive your service same day* (select areas) or within 1-4 days depending if you placed your order before 8 am. If you have placed an order for snow same day service!

Can I cancel an order once its been placed?

Yes but a cancellation fee may apply 

Do you offer FREE Quotes? 


Do your company personally provide service? 

No, We have a network of qualified service providers.

All We Do Is Mow And Plow
All We Do Is Mow And Plow
All We Do Is Mow And Plow